Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Thanks to the Black Panther Alumni for putting page 16 of the Panther Legacy magazine published by the BPCC, and available from us (see previous posts about how to get a copy/copies).

See the link for the page, which features the picture above and also this quote from Brother Huey:

"We realize that some people who happen to be Jewish and who support Israel will use the Black Panther Party’s position that is against imperialism and against the agents of the imperialist as an attack of anti-Semitism. We think that is a backbiting racist underhanded tactic and we will treat it as such. We have respect for all people, and we have respect for the right of any people to exist. So we want the Palestinian people and the Jewish people to live in harmony together. We support the Palestinian’s just struggle for liberation one hundred percent. We will go on doing this, and we would like for all of the progressive people of the world to join our ranks in order to make a world in which all people can live."

(On the Middle East, Huey Newton)

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