Thursday, 2 October 2008



The Black Panther Commemoration Committee in England
consists of people from different political experiences and
backgrounds who came together in the September 2008 united
in the belief that the Black Panther Party for Self Defence
was one of the most important experiences of oppressed
people's social, political and cultural struggle in the


The BPCC work towards keeping the experience and legacy of
the Black Panthers alive for current and future generations.

The BPCC support the excellent work of the Black Panther

The BPCC support and work towards campaigning for justice
and liberation of political prisoners who were associated
with the Black Panthers.

The BPCC understands that the Black Panthers had an
international impact, and we believe in raising
consciousness about the experiences and legacy of the Black
Panthers across the world, and especially here in England.

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MC YOUNGA C said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why not do us all a big favour and simply return whence you came. Your depraved third world culture and way of life isn't in keeping with British values. You have a HUGE chip on your shoulder. Best return to your ancestral homeland where you can live in the way you wish (plenty of innocent people's heads to chop off there too). I suspect the intelligence services are well aware of you and your activities. Best be very careful when you are online or on the phone eh...